Helene's Daycare is no longer in business! We'd like to thank our wonderful customers of more than 30 years!!!

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My son was 17 months old when he first attended Helene’s home daycare. We came to her after having a negative experience at a large daycare center -- which also happened to be our first daycare experience. In just three months time, my son had 18 different incident reports for having been bitten, hit, and pushed down, etc. from other aggressive children. After receiving a recommendation from that center’s director for Helene’s daycare, I got him out of there and was very lucky to find that Helene had an opening! I was hesitant about leaving him anywhere at that point, but I interviewed Helene and asked her a lot of questions, and we agreed on child rearing philosophies. And that was the beginning of a beautiful childcare experience!

Helene really loves working with children and truly cares for them as if they were her own. It is not just a job for her; she’s one of those special people who found their calling working with children. Her patience and understanding of children seems very natural. She takes great pride in safety, and maintaining a peaceful environment. My son was there for a year and a half and not once did he ever suffer an injury! At that age, it would have been completely understandable to have some accidents, but she really had an amazing handle on what was going on at all times (even better than myself!). The food she provided was high quality and she also made sure the kids had plenty of fresh air and playtime in her nice backyard and playground. While my son was there, he learned some French (I asked her to teach him some), his numbers, colors, ABC’s, how to be gentle and loving with babies, and how to play with others and share. This was so important, given that he has no siblings.

I really could go on and on about the benefits of a home care environment compared to a large one, but I will just say that I felt it was very beneficial for my little boy to have the experience of being with kids of different ages; being with younger children taught him to nurture and enabled him to learn from the older ones. In a large daycare, there are often a dozen kids of the same age in the same room the whole day.

We miss Helene so much (we call her “Mimi”), and it broke our hearts when we had to move to a different area are were no longer in range to continue to go there. We still visit her when we can and have big hugs for each other.

I highly recommend Helene as a childcare provider and feel that you will feel grateful to have your child with her. My testimonial may sound too good to be true, but it IS true and I'm proud to give it. She’s an honest person with a heart of gold and solid morals and values. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that your child is well taken care of and loved throughout the day by someone of such great character. I believe that having piece of mind about where my child was helped me focus on my classes and successfully graduate from college. I am a single parent and it was a huge relief to see him so happy all the time and looking forward to going there each day (it was often difficult to get him to leave!). He’s now four, and in a larger center, but doing wonderfully; generally performing above average in cognitive and social skills, which I partially attribute to all that he learned at Helene’s!

Helene always treated me with respect, listened and worked with me, even though I was one of those “high-maintenance” moms. I would be happy to speak with anyone who’s interested in her childcare. I would also recommend meeting with Helene personally and discussing the issues that are important to you.

- Allison

Helene watched my daughters Gabby and Isabelle when they were young. They are 14 and 11 now. they have fond memories of being there. There were lots of kids they could play with and have great pictures of testimony of that fact. They always had art activities they would bring home and of course lots of toys to play with. Gabby loved playing with barbies and Helene had PLENTY to keep her busy all day long. One of their favorite things to do was to play outside, again a great variety of things to do!!!

I really appreciated all the attention she gave my kids to make them feel safe and secure. I knew they were in good hands, Thank you so much Helene.

- Eileen

I definitely recommend Helen's Daycare. The kids are always taken care of, from the home cooked meals to the really cool toys. It's a very warm and family friendly environment for the kids and the parents!

- Gwen

We have lived next door to Helene for 30 years and she took care of my daughter, now 23 years old. Helene works very hard and does everything by the book, meaning her children have a safe and comfortable environment and properly structured days. I would highly recommend Helene to anyone with day care needs.

- Marion

Why Helene's Daycare?
  • Licensed for 25 Years
  • Yearly certification
  • Huge, fully fenced yard
  • Low Rates
  • Nutritious Meals
  • Loving Environment
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We accept DSHS